About Us


At Land Bridge we offer a diversified array of technical, management and soft business support services to newly established and growing entities operating in many of the under-developed and developing countries all around the globe.

We endeavor to bring together the right expertise for the job whether it be in support of a single component of a business enterprise or in form of a comprehensive project execution or business management service being undertaken. Land Bridge employs a large number of professional consultants that remain available to be assigned based upon individual and specific project needs.

In addition to the private sector, Land Bridge undertakes projects with international donors and philanthropic organizations in support of developmental work in cross-cutting priority sectors like education, health, agriculture, poverty alleviation, economic development and energy. We offer up-to-date market research and cutting-edge practicable solutions to developmental issues and objectives identified under the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations General Assembly.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Land Bridge boasts an ever-expanding regional presence around continents. Major focus of our team’s services has been war torn countries like Afghanistan and developing economies.

Our Vision

At Land Bridge we envision a corporate social participatory role for our organization that is supportive of a global and fundamental human uplifting and economic elevation while being reasonably profitable for our investors and team members.

Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective project and business support services meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations while satisfying the needs and ambitions of our shareholders and staff.

Quality Standards

We understand the importance of providing quality services to our valued clients under a safe working environment for our work force hence adhering to all international quality and working standards. At Land Bridge, adherence to quality and standards is considered as the very basis of our success.

Land Bridge People

Mr. Aman Ghalib

Amanullah Ghalib, former Chief Executive Officer of DABS, is an electrical engineer with five years of experience leading Afghanistan’s foremost power sector entities and over a decade creating power sector plans and policies, managing sector improvements, and coordinating public, private, national, and international stakeholders to build and sustainably operate a fully functioning power system. He successfully managed several government-led energy programs during his time at DABS and as the Director of Renewable Energy and then Deputy Ministry of Energy and Water, including the CASA-1000 regional transmission project and a LED program that reduced electricity demand in Kabul by 10 MWH.

Mr. Ghalib served as Chair of the Energy Policy Committee that designed and drafted Afghanistan’s Energy Services Law, Renewable Energy Policy, Feed-in Tariff Policy, and Energy Efficiency Policy. He also steered corporate governance improvement at DABS, planning new program and policy directions and developing policies and procedures to increase transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Mr. Ghalib has represented Afghanistan at numerous bilateral and multilateral meetings on energy and renewable energy at the regional, international, and inter-governmental levels; as a Governing Board member of the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC), he led tariff negotiations with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan and has supported increase trade and international exchange at USAID’s Passage to Prosperity trade shows between Afghanistan and India.

As CEO, Mr. Ghalib jointly managed two investment conferences with USAID in Dubai, where he showcased USAID’s 10 MW Kandahar solar project and presented a variety of investment opportunitides in the Afghanistan power sector. As a result of these efforts, USAID signed four PPAs with IPPs, generating $250 million in investment.

Mr. Tahir Aslam

Tahir is a Business Development and Finance Advisor with over 25 years of diverse working experience in underdeveloped economies and conflict scenarios.

He has gained considerable working experience in project development in Energy, Infrastructure, as well as Social Development sectors. He has remained engaged as a consultant with the private sector in a wide variety of industries. Tahir has helped a considerable number of Afghan businesses in soliciting donor grants and bank financing.

His focus areas are Project Design and Development, Financial Leverage, Contracting and Project Communication. In addition, Tahir has worked in the private sector on brand development and marketing, sponsorships, sourcing, partnerships and joint ventures, capacity building as well as organizational development. Tahir has supported a number of civil society organizations in donor relationships and outreach. As a Business Development and Finance Advisor, he is well versed with international banking and logistics, Taxation and Corporate Laws, Market Research and Technology Integration.

Our Values

Our core values are inherent in everything we do:

  • Integrity – We work to the highest ethical standards by practicing uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness.
  • Teamwork – We recognize that people are our most important assets.

To be successful, we must maintain a rewarding working environment where we respect each other’s opinions and share knowledge with a view to individually and collectively developing our ability to work as a team. We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential to achieve excellence, deliver value and continually develop their skills.

  • Environment – We consider environmental safety and sustainability as our corporate and individual responsibility. We prioritize refraining from activities harmful to the environment and prefer to source natural materials as much possible.
  • Non-discrimination – One of our core values has always been to treat all humans on equal basis without any bias towards gender, race or religion.
  • Support to MDGs – We intend, endeavor and wish to be supportive of the millennium development goals set by the United Nations.