Land Bridge plans to engage with DFIs

Land Bridge understands that countries like Afghanistan have a huge potential of growth in all sectors. Provision of energy however remains a fundamental obstacle to growth which cannot be ignored amongst all the glitter of services and industrial development. The developing countries of Central Asia also need infrastructure development that will require large financial investments. […]

MoU with Wasion

Land Bridge has recently signed an MoU with Wasion of China for the promotion of their products in Afghanistan and the Central Asian region. Wasion is a world-renowned manufacturer of electrical components and renewable energy equipment. Countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan are new entrants into the alternate energy sectors especially Solar PV and Wind Energy. […]

Land Bridge Identified a multitude of opportunities

Land Bridge identified a multitude of new opportunities in the renewable energy and construction sectors around the globe especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and Central Asian regions. Many developing and underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan have a huge deficiency of infrastructure and power. The potential of growth though exists in abundance however, lack of financial […]